Natural decontamination

The method that we offer, has the least negative impact on the ground.

With a professional approach

Our benchmark are many years of resource in field of decontamination.

Effective decontamination

Time is a privilege, with our method we can save your time without heavy machines and excavations. 

About Us

Our company is engaged in the decontamination activities where we use the most effective method. Decontamination using an enzymatic process can land and water clean from the most severe chemical exposures.

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About nature

With regard to the burden of nature, is our way of working safe and without heavy intervention.

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About method

Enzymatic method of decontamination is the result of decades of research. The final products of such a degradation is a carbon dioxide and water

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About Refferences

View more information about the places that have been contaminated by an enzymatic process. 

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